The First Iran International Specialized Exhibition of Hotel Investment, Design and Construction - HODEC EXPO


HODEC EXPO 2018 - Shahre Aftab

First International exhibition of  Hotel - Investment, Design, Engineering and Construction (HODEC EXPO) Infrastructures development and sustainable tourism

The tourism industry has very importance, as some countries name it as the main source of income for their country. Due to the import of foreign currency into the country and the high level of employment and the lack of training for the labor force over a long period, the tourism industry has a high efficiency, which has led European countries to devote more of their capital and budget to this industry. Following the agreement between Iran and the European Union and the lifting of some sanctions, many European tourists have drawn to Iran, with tourism rising 12 percent (over the past two years), and the government has focused its attention on this part and the budget of the Cultural Heritage Organization for 2012 has increased by 12% to nearly 200 million USD.

Investment opportunities

Iran, despite the high potential of tourism, needs to provide appropriate infrastructure to increase tourist attraction. One of these infrastructures is the provision of suitable facilities for health tourism, hotel supply and recreation facilities, sufficient transport system, the development of communication systems and reservation services (online reservation) and the restoration and rehabilitation of tourist areas (like old caravanserais).

*Health tourism

Tourism therapy is considered as a lucrative tourism industry, which usually includes factors such as: ease of travel between countries and continents, low cost of treatment in some countries, improvement of technology level and finding qualified practitioners in this field. Some poles of this industry are India, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, respectively. But Iran, despite having very high tourism potential, and the presence of experienced doctors entering the industry, can be considered as the main rival of India, which is leading the industry, and take the lead from the claimants. Iran's privileges in this industry include rich culture, environmental conditions, and the presence of top physicians in the world and low cost of treatment compared to other countries.

*Traditional medicine

Other attractions that have recently been considered include traditional Iranian medicine. According to Cesil Algod (medical historian), Iranian medicine is the principle of what is today called Greek medicine. It should be noted that in order to develop this medicine the universities of Iran are attracting students and is expected to increase the number of students and graduates in this field to watch the increasing development of this medicine and especially the growth of tourism industry in the country.

* Natural places for treatment:

- Water therapy: is another important attraction in Iran, which has a noticable place in health tourism. About 45 million tourists in the world use water for treatment. Iran has over 1,000 known mineral springs, plays a high potential role for tourism attraction.

- Mud therapy: In spite of the proper conditions such as the shores of Lake Urmia or the slopes of Taftan Mountains, with the increase of facilities in these areas, it is possible to maximize the use of these conditions by creating tourist attractions and health tourism.

- Salt therapy: Salt therapy is one of the attractions that has become popular in recent years, and having salt peaks in Iran, it can also increase its potential in attracting tourists.

Exhibition Date: 15-17 Apr 2018

Shahr-e-Aftab Exhibition


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