Sepanjco Factory


Time is gold, so, in our mission of stand construction, we set our goal to make the most of it. By updating our factory to the most modern technical sites, with no doubt in the Middle East, with the most impressive Manufacturing Machinery having two effective roles: Speed and accuracy. Pre-production stands in the factory -which is consist of more than 7500 sq. classified area gives us the ability to pre-building all stand parts in the manufactory, assembling all parts and checking them in the factory, sharing all construction levels with our customers and stand owners, then packing all stand parts in the warehouse to be loaded and transported to the exhibition hall for final assembly.

These all technical improvements in our factory and perfect warehouse, considering each stand's unique needs, distinguish Sepanj Saze Asa from all other stand constructors in Iran. By utilizing the latest modern technology in our factory, expert manpower team, the experience of years, we got the key to customer's satisfaction, and loyalty of our customers is the proof of that.

We will not stop the cycle of updating, we will continue to meet the needs of exhibitors from Maxima stands to modular and individual tailor-made stands, especially big size or huge stands which for sure need an expert team to manage. Also pavilions of countries that are looking for stand construction in Iran with high quality and of course without stress.

As the final design was confirmed by clients, the next step of our job starts:

Our designers prepare the technical drawing of the exhibition stand 

Our experienced and skilled staffs start constructing stand parts

All parts will be prepared carefully to be established once in our workshop 

Also, there is an amazing possibility for our customers to monitor all processes in the factory via monitoring cameras.

 All constructed parts will be loaded into the truck and will be delivered to the fairground.

Our performance team will take care of all parts of the site and the last step will be the establishment of the final exhibition stand.

There are some other issues that our support team will take care of. 


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