Types of booth plans


Linear and U-shaped stands (open on one side):

Due to the location of linear pavilions next to each other and in a row, this type of pavilion is also called a row pavilion. These types of booths have only one way to communicate with the audience and, in fact, the exhibition hallway.  Of course, this will not reduce visitors. With the right design, you can have the most contact with the visitor.

L-shaped stands: 

The design of corner exhibit booths is in the form of the English letter L. Corner exhibition stands are also known as double-barreled booths. Arranging and designing these types of booths is both more difficult and more expensive than linear booths, but The same ratio is more valuable than the first type because in this type of booths you will communicate with the audience from two angles.


The popularity of the peninsula booths is because you will communicate with the audience from three angles and its position is in the busy path of the hall. The location of the peninsula booths in the international exhibition is the beginning and end of the hall corridors.

Island stands:

The best and most ideal type of pavilion is the island pavilion. This type of booth is accessible from four sides and can be seen from any direction. Considering this issue, it can be said that the island pavilion has a lot of theatrical and promotional value and its impact on the audience's mind is very great and lasting.


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